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Wills and Probate

Whether you are looking to the future or are administering an estate, it is important to utilise expert legal services. No matter how complex the financial affairs or family relationships, an experienced solicitor will be able to navigate the challenges and offer expert guidance covering a range of legal services relating to will and probate challenges.

A variety of will and probate services As one of the area’s leading law firms, our knowledgeable team can provide a variety of will and probate services. These can be tailored to meet the complex needs of an estate and include:

Estate Administration

Hopkinsville Administering an estate can be a difficult task, especially following the passing of a loved one. There are a variety of complications and potential disputes to navigate, however, our legal experts will help you through the process.

Writing a Will

rustically Writing a Will can be a very difficult process, yet it is important to ensure that your wishes are maintained following your death. Without a Will, your estate will be defined by law and may not be in line with your wishes. Our dedicated team will safeguard your assets to ensure your loved ones are provided for.

Inheritance Tax Plans

Our team can help you maximise the value of your assets, especially in situations where an estate is valued above the Inheritance Tax threshold. We can assist with everything from Will implications to lifetime gifts.

Organising Lasting Powers of Attorney

A Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA) document enables an individual to legally appoint another person to make financial and personal decisions on your behalf, when you can no longer do so.

The above are just a few examples of the services we can provide, in addition to these we can also assist with:

1) Executor advice

2) Advising on lifetime gifts and equity transfer

3) Advising executors

4) Trust and Occupation Agreements

5) Court of Protection and Deputyships

6) Releasing equity

7) Guidance on care home financing

8) Inheritance disputes and contesting wills

How Can We Support You?

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Legal experts you can trust

We know that when it comes to wills and probate services, every person will have unique requirements. Our experienced team have the knowledge and practical experience to assist with the specific challenges you face. Our dedicated team understand your issues and can provide practical services and informed legal advice, so that you have the support needed during a difficult time.

Whether you are the executor or administrator of an estate or are looking to draft a will and organise affairs, we are ready to help you navigate the potential issues which may arise.

We can protect assets and manage family disputes via our array of probate and will services, so you can rest assured that our team will take care of your affairs.

If you are looking for legal advice or assistance relating to any of the above areas, our team of solicitors are ready to assist. To find out more about our will and probate services, please contact our experienced team today.

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